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Body Sculpting

in Charleston, SC

"I'm incredibly happy with the results of my body sculpting treatment with the Accent Prime Device! Treatment is fast and simple and the results are VERY noticeable."

-Jane R.

Family Laser Dentist's incredible new body sculpting treatment can effectively disrupt stubborn fat cells in select areas of the body by focusing the depth of treatment.

How Does Body Sculpting Work?

Our team of experienced aesthetics experts offer patients a patented combination of longitudinal and transverse Ultrasound wave technology. This wave is called Shear wave and it allows us to selectively target fat cells, while leaving surrounding tissue unharmed. The shear wave vibrations disrupt your fat cell membranes which leads to gradual breakdown and release of stored fat. Damaged fat cells are then disposed of the body through the lymphatic system and you're left with a more toned and sculpted body with visibly reduced deposits of fat.

Accent PrimeTM is our newest device at Family Laser Dental and it is the most advanced workstation for skin tightening, body contouring and aesthetic enhancement. Our body tightening system combines the latest innovations in ultrasound (US) and radio frequency (RF) technologies to deliver effective, highly customized treatments with natural, long lasting results.

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