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For defined features and a more youthful face.

"After just 2 treatments I feel like I've wiped away 10 years of aging. It's incredible how young I look without the 'turkey neck' I've been walking around with!"

-Vanessa S.

Is Neck Tightening Right For Me?

A common complaint from patients who undergo liposuction procedures is that there is extra, loose skin in the treated areas. This is where treatment with our Alma Accent Prime™ device offers a tremendous advantage.

At Family Laser Dental, our liposuction techniques not only achieve effective lipolysis, they also contract existing collagen and elastin fibers and stimulate the formation of new collagen for firmer, tighter-looking skin.

In addition to the skin tightening benefits of of our laser-assisted neck tightening procedure, our Alma treatment system also offers a dedicated tightening effect with a flat multi-use laser fiber, designed exclusively for skin tightening of the face and neck. Laser energy is delivered directly underneath the skin above the hypodermis to treat areas of skin laxity such as nasolabial folds, jowls and neck. The skin tightening system may also be used for post-facelift touchups including addressing any asymmetry or loose skin on the face and neck.


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