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Root Canal Treatment

Root canal treatment repairs and saves a damaged or infected tooth. Some of the most common causes of a root canal include a deep cavity, cracked tooth, or frequent dental treatment to the affected tooth or trauma.



Root Canals 

Despite what you might have heard, root canals aren’t meant to cause you unbearable pain, They’re meant to clean out the canals inside the tooth’s root that’s the source of the pain. At Family Laser Dental of North Charleston, we have specialized equipment for root canal treatments to ensure as comfortable an experience as possible.  

Don't Delay

Call our office today to learn about the root canal procedure step by step. We will answer any questions you may have before we begin any work. The most important thing to remember if you have even the slightest speculation of a root canal is to call our office, even if it’s just a toothache or cavity. We will address the problem right away before it spirals out of control. 


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