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To avoid tooth decay and cavities in your child’s mouth, we have a solution for you: sealants. We can place sealants—invisible plastic resin coatings—on your child’s back teeth that will smooth out these rough chewing surfaces. 





Sealants for Children

Move your tongue over the surfaces of your back teeth and feel how mildly-rough they are. The back teeth are the most prone to developing cavities. Those tiny grooves you might’ve felt with your tongue, also known as pits and fissures, trap bacteria and food particles which can potentially result in tooth decay.

Dental Sealants are Worth It!

The dental sealant process is simple. We first clean and dry the tooth, apply an etching solution and liquid sealant and harden the material, and it’s all done! By having dental sealants, your child can reduce tooth decay by more than 70 percent.  To learn more, contact our family dentist today. 

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